Banks today face an onslaught of challenges, spurred by the latest technological advances and rising customer expectations, it triggers the need for IT modernization and digital innovation.

Welcome to RankTech Solutions’ inventive and imaginative Kuber- Face to Face Video Banking Digital Platform equipped with Unified Communications Technologies – one of the pioneers of Video Banking Solution Providers in India. This surpassing technology is steadily becoming the future face of business transaction processes by leveraging wired and wireless communication capabilities to enhance reach and capacity.

Rank’s Kuber transforms the customer engagement and onboarding processes taking it to a smarter and sharper level.

With the help of Unified Communications Technologies by enabling customers to swiftly connect with right bank executive at the right time in the first call itself – all through Face to Face Video Banking connect. It helps link a customer with the concerned executive face-to-face anytime and from anywhere around the globe by using any smart device.

With Kuber, a customer can easily avail an encrypted Face to Face Video Banking branch right at their fingertips!

This technology not only eliminates the need for a customer to travel to a bank but also experience the convenience of a digital platform in which they can have a reliable and secured interaction with a banker while comfortably sitting at home or any other place of their choice.

Documents and KYC authentication? Even that is effortlessly taken care of with software intelligence. So what’s in for the Bank? It will help the Banks bring down their cost of operations, break barriers and reach out to more customers spread across the geography, maximize profits by reducing Turn Around Time, Time to Yes and Time to Cash and also increase enterprise productivity holistically – all done readily with Face to Face Video Banking. Technology defines the future and this will be the next game-changer in the banking industry.

Our Core Features

V-Customer Acquisition

  • V-Instant Customer On-Boarding
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Facial Recognition
  • OCR
  • Geo Location

V-Customer Service for General Banking, Credit Card & Loan

  • v-KYC
  • OTP
  • E-Signature

Intelligent Skill Based Routing, Multiway Call, Document Exchange, Text Chat etc.

128 bit encryption, Cyber Security & VAPT Certified

How Kuber can Transform your Business

  • Transforms Customer Acquisitions, Customer Experience, Engagement & TAT
  • Expand your reach across geography
  • Overcomes Capacity & Infra Constraints
  • Reduces the Operational Costs
  • Improves Operational Efficiency by reducing capacity constraints TTY & TTC
  • Diminish all communication challenges by improved understanding

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