With 3.81 billion internet users across the globe & 500 million in India itself, digital transformation is changing the landscape of every industry.

It also represents a window of opportunities for the Healthcare companies to redefine their customers’ experience and also extend reach and capacity to achieve new levels of enterprise productivity. It not only helps in cutting down the costs but also keeps in mind, how to provide convenient and smart solutions to customers. The highly adverse Doctor-Patient Ratio (1:1,000), inaccessibility of adequate healthcare information to the citizen, required Telemedicine to update themselves with the latest technologies. This marked their success in this fast-shifting world and helped bridge the gaps between doctors and patients in the smartest possible way, making the whole process economical for both.

Our flexible deployment architecture – On-Premise, on Cloud, SaaS model, APIs for Integration with Hospital Management Systems gives options to hospitals, SME HealthCare Service providers, practicing doctors, Radiologists, diagnostic centers, etc.

Rank Tech promises to take you a step further towards the future.

Key Features of HEKA


  • Define & Maintain SBU, Department, OPDs, General Wards & Cabin, OTs , ICUs & CCUs , Diagnostic Lab, Doctors , Radiologists
  • Employee Master data, Ambulance Master data, Maintain OPD Timings, All Consultancy timings
  • Manage Doctors Rosters, Plan OPD Scheduling, Manage Appointment Booking, Payments
  • Upload Patients’ Report, Dicom Images
  • Manage Patients EMR (Electronic Medical Records)
  • Dash-Boards for all Key Users & Patients
  • e-Prescriptions by Doctors
  • Video Collaboration between Doctors, OTs, Trauma center, etc
  • Intelligent Call Connect between hospitals, doctors, patients, help-desk , etc
  • Schedule Outbound Calls, Send Auto Alerts/ mails
  • Two –Way Documents Exchange
  • Call Queuing, Transfer or Hold Calls
  • Image capture & upload
  • Promotional Videos
  • In-Bound Caller Authentication


How HEKA helps

  • Integrates with Hospital Management Systems & ERP System
  • Get Analytics & Reports for the video consultancy calls for training & audit
  • Expand reach – Locally, Domestically as well as globally for international payments
  • Enhances Doctors Work & Personal Life balance
  • Reduces the cost of delivering & accessing healthcare
  • HEKA helps Hospitals around the Globe to provide its customers, Patients Face to Face Healthcare Services using any smart handheld devices
  • Patients can now schedule their own time & connect with their preferred doctor anytime from anywhere.

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