Rank’s VINUS Video Insurance Digital Platform connects all the possible dots in an entire insurance business process – right from the acquisition of customers to maturity and claim settlement, all of this can happen face to face anytime and from anywhere with VINUS Video Insurance Technology.

Change can be refreshing – with VINUS, you can not only metamorphose your present. operations 360 degrees, but also enhance overall customer satisfaction by taking it up to the next level. How? By leveraging the smart technology of VINUS blended with video. Our solution will help you provide a greater customer value at a lesser cost of operations for your organisation.

Whether it’s a New Business or Policy Servicing, Maturity or Claim Settlement, anything and everything under the canopy of Insurance can be done at a lightning speed with VINUS’ smart and innovative technology. While relaxing at home or in a conversation with an agent, if a customer wishes to talk face to face with a company person, all they have to do is click on a button and get connected in a split second to an insurance officer seated at a branch. Your customer can just sit back, relax and see the entire service requested by him get processed right in front of their eyes in the most trusted and transparent manner. Whether it’s filling up forms, exchanging documents, verification of KYC, authentication of customers or accidental events, maintaining records or reports – Swap all the paper work! Let technology be your friend with RankTech’s VINUS.

Extend reach and capacity, maximize enterprise productivity– Stand out from the rest! We aim at connecting our happy customers to their happier consumers. Come, let’s take the leap of a smart change!

Key Features of VINUS

  • V-Customer Acquisition
    • V-Instant Customer On-Boarding
    • Biometric Authentication
    • Facial Recognition
    • OCR
    • Geo Location
    • Business Process Work-Flows


  • V-Claim Settlement:
    • Instant claim filing, Live Picture & Video capturing
    • Instant or expedite Claim settlement
    • TPA, Surveyors, Garages, etc. F2F Collaboration
    • Business Process Work-Flows, etc
    • Geo Location


  • V-Customer Service – Policy renewal, Grievances, special requests, etc
  • Intelligent Skill-Based Routing, OTP, Multiway Call, Document Exchange, Text Chat etc.
  • 128 bit encryption, Cyber Security & VAPT Certified

How VINUS can help your Business

  • Transforms Customer Acquisitions, Customer Experience, Engagement & TAT
  • Instant Claim Settlement
  • Overcomes Capacity & Infra Constraints
  • Reduces the Operational Costs
  • Improves Operational Efficiency by reducing Capacity Constraints, TTY & TTC
  • Expand your reach across geography

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