Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela. Video Education


Schooling brains is a noble engagement and every individual has the right to demand quality education for mind-enhancement and self-development. Education should be free-flowing, fun, efficient and effectively reaching the large masses of aspiring students and future leaders scattered across the world. Video Education

The Video Transformation of the entire periphery of Education Management has been gradually taking a concrete shape for over a decade now. The synthesis of classroom education and video-enabled classes with professors or teachers around the globe helps in channelizing global knowledge and learning mechanisms.

It allows students to expand their outlook and absorb refined information. which further helps in better functioning of the brain fuelled by a variety of fresh ideas and perspectives. Tenjin, our Intelligent video implanted digital face to face education platform not only enhances education holistically but also provides a plane for almost all nature of business transactions and services one can visualize in brick & mortar colleges /universities /schools /institutes involving students, individual trainers & coaches, and so on.

Learning becomes an elevated experience with convenience and economy of scale brought in the entire education management system. Starting from student acquisition and onboarding, arranging them in different batches, allotting classes to internal teachers and external faculties from anywhere around the world, conducting real time examinations anytime and from anywhere– learning has never been this easy and fluid.

Let’s make the world a better learning place for our future generations to come.


  • Comfortable & student-friendly teacher-student engagement for a more interactive, innovative & effective teaching experiences.
  • Complete Learning Management suite that works on web browsers, Android and iOS-based smartphones.
  • We have advanced mobile applications for Student Acquisition and Management, Faculty Management and various Course Management.

The Broad Features

  • Student Acquisition & Management – Student registration, Students Counseling, 2- Way Document Exchange, Students Counseling & Tutorial Mgmt, College schedule counseling / Tutorial sessions Integrate with Payment Gateway, Customised Reports Generation Facility.
  • Faculty Management – Faculty registration specialization & Load Management, Faculty Roster & Performance Management
  • Course Management – Curriculum Planning, Semester-wise Courses, Courses Vs Students batch planning, Daily/ weekly/monthly Classes planning, Maintaining Course Contents & Question bank, e-Exchange contents with students

Business Benefits

  • Eliminates Capacity Constraints
  • Cuts COST of Education delivery
  • Widens students’ reach for access to expert faculties
  • Addresses the issue of adverse Teacher to Students ratio
  • Students from diverse geographical, social, cultural, economic backgrounds can access education

Video EducationVideo Education 

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