RankTech’ s Pegasus represents the next-gen swift and smart face to face digital collaboration designed for multipurpose, such as pegasus enterprise collaboratio

  • Intra Enterprise collaborations
  • Extended Enterprise Collaboration with Customers, vendors & business partners
  • Customer& Guest Support


Intra Enterprise collaborations

  • Direct calls to fellow Employees – An Employee, once they have signed in Pegasus, can communicate& collaborate face to face with other employees within the organization who are also ‘Online’ on Pegasus.
  • Schedule Meetings – Users can schedule meetings- internal or external and system will send auto notifications to persons one user wish to invite for the meeting.
  • In real time add on-line persons to calls

Extended Enterprise Collaboration

  • Schedule Meetings – Schedule meetings with Customers, Business Partners, Vendors; the system will send mail notifications to persons one user wishes to invite for the meeting.
  • In real time add on-line persons to calls

Customer Support& Web Site Visitors

  1. Integrate Pegasus with your website & provide the v-meet button
  2. Customers & Guests can click on the v-meet button & select the requisite purpose for the call; the call will be routed to the right person within the enterprise. Examples
  • Customers can be given this access for making customer support call
  • Anyone visiting RankTech Web site has any query or want to reach Ranktech for business purpose can click on this button, choose the purpose of the call and connect with the right person.

Exciting Features

  • 3-way call (Multiple (Agents/ Subject Matter Experts] can be taken on a single video call)
  • Berge-In call for Call Center Supervisors
  • Picture Authentication with Call Center records
  • Make it easy for customers to request services in the way they prefer
  • Two-way document exchange between Agents & Customers
  • LDAP Authentication for call center agents & supervisors

Business Benefits pegasus enterprise collaboration

  • Rank’s A2Z v-Collab transforms & facilitates Face to Face Business Transactions & Effective business collaboration
  • A totally disruptive solution for BPOs, KPOs & Call Centers
  • Sophisticated Call Routing & comprehensive contact management capabilities
  • Enhance Customer acquisition & relationship management
  • Eliminate chances of impersonation

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