Organizations today need to continually revisit and improve the processes to reduce their operation costs and increase productivity. Rank’s F2F Video HR Training makes the Process of training easy effective and convenient across the length and breadth or an organization. It is a total revamp of the current system of enterprise training and development. With Musesone can quickly update and train employees in a systematic and timely manner. It can also help you to develop interactive F2F Video-learning courses to train your employees on such standardized operations.

Core Features of MUSES

  • Create & Maintain Training Courses, Curriculums
  • Receive &Maintain Data for Employees to be trained
  • Maintain Trainers (Internal & External)Data Base
  • Plan, Schedule & Hold Face to Face Training “One Trainer To Multi Location Trainees”
  • Digital Sharing of the document, Live or Recorded videos
  • Live Exchange of Documents
  • Hold real Time Written Tests & Group Discussions
  • Maintain Trainers/ Faculty Engagement Hours.
  • Maintain Employee Training Hours
  • Integrate with legacy ERP, HRMS, Web Sites, etc
  • Use across all smart devices like Desktop, Laptop, Smartphones & Tablets
  • It’s available on both On-premise & SAAS model

Business Benefits

  • Rank’s F2F Video Training makes the Process of training more cost-effective and increases productivity
  • It totally redefines the way to quickly update and train your employees
  • Retaining good talent is very challenging. Training is a great way to Motivate & Retain
  • Rank’s F2F Training can help you to develop interactive F2F Video-learning courses to train your employees
  • Ensure reduced operational costs by training employees on processes
  • Managing Training Curriculum, Employee Data Base, Planning & Scheduling has become a lot easier

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