“User Id” drives Transactions, “Video” drives Relationships

That’s where RankTech’s Kuber Off The Shelf Video Banking Platform makes the difference

According to RBI’s Annual Report on Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2016-17, the number of customer complaints has risen by 54% over a period of 2 years. Guess which customer segment has seen the sharpest increase. It is the urban segment, where complaints have risen 94%, which is nearly double, just within 2 years. Doesn’t this indicate that huge IT investments are failing to generate customer satisfaction? Do you wish to fix this problem for your bank, before it gets worse?

With the growth of the service economy and migration to cities, the urban markets present the highest opportunity for growth, whether it is retail or business banking. This is the market that needs the highest level of innovation to attract and retain customers. Consumer-centric digital innovation is the need of the hour.

While banks have access to a wide variety of cutting edge technologies like blockchain, big data, AI, Chatbot, etc, what appeals most to customers as social beings, is still human interaction. Taking cognizance of this, one FinTech company RankTech Solutions has innovated an advance digital face-to-face video banking platform, named – Kuber.

Kuber facilitates highest quality customer interaction, whether the customer is at home or office or is traveling or is waiting for his next flight, or is even far far away on a vacation. So one can avail banking services Anytime and from Anywhere without walking into a bank.

Kuber is an advanced Unified Communication Technology based Business Transaction & Customer Engagement Platform enriched with Specialized Business Use Cases & a whole suit of advanced technologies such as Intelligent Call Routing, SVC Video, biometric authentication, OCR, facial recognition, v-KYC, e-signature, geo location, text chat, document exchange with secure 128 bit encryption. Which can digitalize all the mandatory banking operations within the same platform, eliminating ‘real’ customer walk-ins and incorporating ‘virtual’ walk-ins through video branches?

How Kuber Video Banking Platform can transform your bank’s business:

  • Expand your reach across geography
  • Overcomes Capacity & Infra Constraints
  • Reduces Operational & Infrastructure costs compared to branch banking.
  • Improves Operational Efficiency by reducing capacity constraints TTY & TTC
  • Transforms Customer Acquisitions, Customer Experience, Engagement & TAT

Don’t wait to cure customer complaints…. prevent them right from the beginning to eliminate any chance of customer dissatisfaction in the first place.

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